Human Resource Management Institute

Human Resources Management Institute is the world leading professional body for the human resource management profession. HRMI leads the direction and fosters the growth of the HR profession through actively setting standards and building the capability of the profession.

Through its international affiliations and close organization with industry and academia, HRMI ensures that its members are given access to a soundly-based professional recognition framework.

Who We Are andWhat We Do

Not-for-Profit Professional Organization

the Human Resource Management Institute is the world's leading non-profit professional organization andofficial certifying body for the human resource management profession. HRMI recognized by U.S. Government with its head office at Delaware State, USA, as well asduly registered in England by United Kingdom Government. Moreover, Its programs and services are internationally recognized for their excellence and effectiveness by several reputed professional and academicbodies.

HRMI also operates in conjunction pertaining to ISO 17024 requirements set forth by the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, launched ISO 17024 in 2002.Itis now endorsed by 115 countries, and is a globally accepted accreditation standards for personnel certification bodies. Then, ISO 17024 accreditation standards further validation of the HRMI's status as the most globally transferableHR Management credential in the world.

At HRMI, our primary goal is to advance the practice, science and profession of human resource management throughout the world in a conscientious and proactive manner so that organizations everywhere will embrace, value and utilize human resource management-and then attribute their successes to it.


HRMI credentials and professional development opportunities can help business professionals start, build or advance their careers in HR management, program and portfolio.

  • CHRP(Certified Human Resources Professional). The CHRP designation is designed for all those professionals who want to excel their human resource management competencies. As well as human resources professionals employed full- or part-time in corporations.
  • CHRM (Certified Human Resources Manager). The CHRM designation is designed for HR practitioners candidate or employed in middle/senior-level Management, full- or part-time.
  • CHRD (Certified Human Resources Director). The CHRD designation is designed for HR practitioners candidate or employed in Top level- Management, full- or part-time.
  • CHRC (Certified Human Resources Consultant). The CHRC designation is designed for human resource professionals who work as external consultants.
The HRMI credential programsare world leading. By obtaining the HRMI certification, HR practitioners can enhance their career opportunities. Corporations around the world will recognise their certified competence. Each Program is independent with blend of course-based and research-based. A project is a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the certification as well as examination


Our consultants specialize in human resources management, including a variety of activities, and key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. Activities also include managing your approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and HR policies as well as human resources management system (HRMS)


The HRMI offers HR essentials short course suite is designed to provide practitioners the opportunity to target their skill development through short, sharp learning modules to achieve quick learning outcomes with minimal investment of time and money


HRMI provides HR Interests around the world with the finest opportunities for completing their academic education via distance learning, on-campus or combination of both. HRMI isn't academic organization. But we validate several educational institutions offering a Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in Human Resource Management. Then, we will help you find the program that is right for you and support you through orientation, registration, credit transfer and tutoring

Engineering Human Resources

Engineering HRinvolves the HR Management of organizations with an orientation to manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology or production, i.e. itis the intersection of Engineering and Human Resources


The HRMI R&D Program works to advance the science and profession of human resource management -- an essential part of HRMI mission to make human resource management indispensable for business results. What’s more, advanced processes, best practices and academic insights translate to better on-the-job performance for you and your teams.
The HRMI Research Department has sponsored research HR issues. Each year, the group welcomes new proposals for HR.The HRMI Research Department is always on the look-out for ground-breaking research projects that support its mission of expanding the HR program, and portfolio management body of knowledge. You can submit your ideato our Research Department or share with others, email

Global Standards

Global standards are crucial to the human resource management profession because they ensure a basic human resource management framework is applied consistently worldwide. It is the mission of the HRMI Global Standards to improve the understanding and competency ofHR practitioners, customers,and developmentprograms worldwide by identifying, defining, documenting and championing generally accepted human resource management practices and a common human resource management lexicon

Career Assessments

Many individuals do not know about the careers or jobs that best suit their interests and abilities. HRMI Career Assessment Services staff help people to make these decisions. They do this with a series of interviews,tests and work samples that see if an individual has the interest and ability to meet the requirements of a wide variety of jobs


Membership supports and encourages all HR professionals to pursue a new balance of global and local best practices, relationship building and sharing resources

Accreditation & Certification

As the professional association for human resources HRMI is involved in VET and highereducation of people as well as management systems of industry organizations who are engaged with the profession. Therefore, HRMI established 501(c)an organization named Global Accreditation and Certification Council

HR Industry Federation

The human resources industry is in changeover stage. Organizations HR processes and HR personals are searching for more effective ways to improve the performance of their organization. There is a high recognition for the need for a strategic approach to align employee performance with corporate objectives and thus need streamlined information systems for the same

Beware; Human Resource Management profession isn't limited or exclusive to HR Department at corporations or responsibilities of HR Department Head (HR Manager / Director) only. However HR Management isindispensable for all industry professionals at different levels of management, who want to maximize the return on investment from their corporation's human capital and minimize financial risk. As well as getting maximum results with minimum efforts, increasing efficiency of factors of Productivity, Human betterment and social justice inside their organizations. These professionals may belong to any industry, including: Engineering, Education, Banking, Healthcare, Construction, IT, Utilities, Telecommunication, Consultancy, Technology, Services, Manufacturing, Production …etc..