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Many individuals do not know about the careers or jobs that best suit their interests and abilities. HRMI® Career Assessment Services staff helps people to make these decisions. They do this with a series of interviews, tests and work samples that see if an individual has the interest and ability to meet the requirements of a wide variety of jobs.

Career Assessments are tests that are designed to help individuals understand their unique personality profile (i.e., interests, knowledge, aptitudes and skills), and how this profile impacts their potential success and satisfaction with different career options.
® Career assessments can take from one day to two weeks, depending on need. HRMI® Career Assessment Services are suited for many people including fresh graduates in transition from school to work or old graduates.

Furthermore, in business recruiting most companies spend thousand of dollars to fulfill a position, yet the results vary widely. A properly designed Career Assessment Center can help to achieve outstanding return from investment in recruitment and selection processes, delivering effective and motivated employees to add value on company has.

® Career Assessment Center can perform three main functions: Selection/Promotion, Diagnosis and Development.

At the completion of the assessment program, we deliver a complete report to each participant. The report discusses findings and options so that both company and/or individual can review the results and make decisions about a job opportunities or further training or education. 

® Career assessment services meet many needs:

Itemized Assessment

A one- to two-day assessment to obtain specific information e.g., GED Practice test, IQ test, an interest inventory, typing speed, etc.

Focused Assessment

A two- to four-day assessment to determine aptitude and potential to succeed in a particular job/career. This service is designed for consumers with defined vocational interests. The evaluation may include an on-the-job assessment.

Exploratory Assessment

A two-day assessment that looks at general aptitudes, academics, and interests. This service is available at HRMI®and can be arranged at some other community sites upon request.

Comprehensive Assessment

A one-to two-week comprehensive process that systematically uses work, either real or simulated, as the focal point for assessment and vocational exploration.

Job Analysis

A job analysis is an on-site study of a specific position that determines an individual's compatibility with the job, taking into account competence factors, aptitudes and work environment.


A review of the history and records of a consumer where there are questions about what further assessments, or related career planning steps may be needed. This may also include interpreting previously obtained assessments. A written report will be provided upon completion.

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