Human Resource Management Institute
  Development Services                      

Are you Confused?  Don’t know what you need? Know what you want but don’t know how to achieve it?

The HRMI Development Group can help you!

Choose from a range of "off the shelf" development packages specially designed to meet your needs.

Or let us develop an approach to suit your specific requirements.

Who should make use of HRMI Development Services?

If you are responsible for determining and/or implementing policies which are related to:

*      Accreditation and/or Certification

*      Building High Performing Organization (HPO)

*      Developing HR Capability

*      Organizational and Management Development

*      Pre-assessment

*      HRMI Global Standards,


and which involve any form of independent evaluation, the HRMI Development Group can help you. 


Whether you are in the public or private sector, independent evaluations underpinned by Global Standards enable you to rely on our Development Group, directly or indirectly, to help fulfill your needs and objectives.

HRM Builders, INC was formed by HRMI to perform work related to Human Resource Management consulting services

What can you expect from us?


  • Independence, impartiality and integrity
  • Competent project management using recognized techniques
  • Designated Project manager and consultants
  • Risk analysis
  • Fully documented and agreed terms of reference
  • Project plan
  • Agreed milestones and deliverables
  • Regular reports on progress
  • Final report on completion

What will it cost?

We will provide up to one day of advice and guidance, free of charge, to help you to define your needs and objectives.  Having determined your needs we will agree with you a detailed work program and the associated costs of delivery.

For further information, please contact