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As the professional organization for human resources HRMI is involved in the education of people who are engaged with the profession. Through the accreditation process, HRMI seeks to apply its influence on human resources curriculum development. HRMI delegates this authority and responsibility to a Global Accreditation and Certification Council (GACC) which has the task of assessing the curriculum content, maintenance and delivery of HR programs.

GACC acts as the sole governing body for the policies, procedures and standards for accrediting human resource management programs at the bachelor, master and doctoral degree. Accreditation is the process whereby GACC reviews, verifies and where appropriate, accredites VET, undergraduate and postgraduate programs at several educational institutions worldwide.

The GACC confers accreditation only upon the degree programs within institutions that meet the requirements of the GACC Stanards


However, we present to HR interests the following educational services:

-          Support you through orientation,

-          Then we  help you map out just the right program to meet your needs,

-          Stay with you all the way- through registration, credit transfer and course tutoring

-          Our special credit transfer system enables you to gain the maximum allowable credit for your previous studies,

-          HRMI saves you from academic bureaucracy i.e. for individuals in their own credit transfer often take a very long time and be costly as well. However, with HRMI you often can have your credits transferred within week without any additional cost. As well as consultancy is free of charge.


Finally, HRMI guarantees that you will study HR Management programs at the educational institutions provide:



1-Affordable and Quality education

HRMI reviews and assure accreditation status. It's indicates that a college, university, institution, or program meets the standards of quality set by the reputed accreditation organization, in terms of faculty, curriculum, administration, libraries, financial well-being, and student services. Because of the process of accreditation, new students, returning students, and families of students can trust that the education/training they are paying for is valuable and worth their time, money, and effort.


2-Credit transfer

At some point in their education, many students wish to transfer to a new college or university. Most often, these students wish to transfer the course credits they have already accumulated to the new college or university so that they will not have to repeat similar courses, spending unnecessary time and money. Accreditation is an important factor when a college or university is deciding whether to accept transfer credit from a student's previous school. Most colleges and universities will not accept transferred course credits from an institution that has not earned appropriate accreditation status from an accreditation organization.


3-Success in the workplace

Most employers prefer to hire job applicants who have gained their education from an educational institution with the appropriate accreditation status. Many employers also look to see that employees have been educated at an appropriately accredited institution when making decisions about business promotions, company advancements, and whether to provide tuition coverage or assistance for employees who wish or need to further their education


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