Human Resource Management Institute


The HRMI organizational framework consists of five Sectors and Commissions under the direction of the Board of Governors:  Centers Sector, Cedentials Sector, Strategic Management Sector, Standards Sector, Administrative Sector, GACC and HR Industry Federation .  The organizational chart shows the five Sectors in relation to staffed services and other commissions of the organization, which work in projects to achieve across-the-matrix functionality.

The chart  illustrates the governance structure of
HRMI Governance Structure

Strong HRMI governance is all about centers and Departments having straightforward and systematic decision-making processes, thus giving clarity concerning responsibilities and avoiding conflict of interests. The processes should also be transparent in order for the Board of Governors to be able to take on responsibility and to influence the institute. Good HRMI organization governance facilitates good activity, gives competitive edge and enhances the trust in the HR profession.